Option #1:  The Agreement between                                                      and Coach George Curry (Curry Quarterback Camp) serves as an official verification of the sponsorship of the Curry & Powlus Quarterback Camp.    

The Sponsor agrees to pay $             .00 (                                                               dollars) for the following:  (1) The Sponsor can have literature passed out to the quarterbacks and any parent, fan, or visiting coach at the camp; (2) The Sponsor may set up a booth or table at the camp site and market or display the company product; (3) The Sponsor may have any dialogue with the parents, fans, or quarterbacks concerning the company product; (4)  The Sponsor may display the company logo, banner, etc., during the entire day of the Quarterback Camp. The Sponsor agrees to accept this proposal in good faith by having a duly authorized company representative sign this agreement.

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Option #2:  Sponsor up to 5 Camp Participants ($50.00/per player)

Player #1                                                   

Player #2                                                   

Player #3                                                   

Player #4                                                    

Player #5                                                    

Make checks payable to: 

Curry Quarterback Camp, Inc.and mail, along with the original Sponsorship Agreement, to:

George Curry, 305 Summerhill Avenue​, Berwick, PA  18603